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VALVE TECH SALES:   Past & Present...
There are a few things about Valve Tech Sales that sets it apart.  Principally though, its our approach to the market that differentiates us from all others.  
Our singular commitment to our customer - the Waterworks Distributor - has been our principal focus and our commitment to their success has been an approach that has served both owner and our Principals well for many years.  This has been our approach from the beginning and will remain so.   Whether we are talking to a Distributor, Engineer or owner -  our consistent objective is to exceed our customer's expectations in providing the most reliable information as timely as possible in a manner consistent with meeting the demands of the situation.   Setting the standard at being professionally responsive.   This is how we run our business.
Over the last few years Valve Tech has grown to better support our customers.  In order to continue to exceed customer expectations, we've invested in the hiring of talented people with focused areas of responsibility (Project Related Sales, Engineered Sales, Account Development, etc).  At the same time, the VTS Warehouse has continued to expand its offering and now includes product from MILLIKEN, CRISPIN, KFLO, ORBINOX, PROCO and CLA VAL.   We've also invested in the development of our own technical expertise.  These days, the Valve Tech Service Division supports not only Cla-Val product but AUMA electric motors as well.   We've grown to maintain and build on what has served us and our customers well since they day Valve Tech Sales began.  
Where we're going - 
As with any business, growth has its place and is important.  We have never lost sight of the fact that our performance in meeting market expectations for product knowledge and support are the the foundation of any growth we experience.  We trust our customers see the growth above as evidence that we continue to develop to best maintain service levels that will continue to set the standard of being professional responsive. 
We will continue to preserve what we have found to work day in & day out - while refining aspects of our business to better serve our customers.  
I'd personally like to express my appreciation for your interest in the Manufacturers' products we represent and thank you for your support of Valve Tech.
If we can provide any additional information -  please let us know.
Dave Stinchcomb